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 Saving with Your NHS Credit Union

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Whether you are saving for a specific purpose or just for a rainy day you can do it all with your NHS Credit Union.

We make saving simple and straightforward – with many of our members eligible to save using Payroll Deduction.

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Your Savings Options

Regular Savings Account

Our Regular Savings Account is opened automatically on members joining the credit union. Deposits to your account can be made easily through payroll deduction or direct debit, and members can save as little as £5 each month.

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Instant Access Savings

Members can move money into their Regular Savings Account to take advantage of offers. Members can also split their payroll deduction or direct debit, between Regular Savings and Instant access savings account.

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Children’s & Young People

This account will be owned and run by a named adult. Deposits into the account can be made by payroll deduction or direct debit. Opening an account is a great way to teach children & young people money literacy. Start today!

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Festive Savings

By opening a Festive savings account, members can focus on all their festive goodies and how they’re going to enjoy a debt-free holiday period with family and friends.

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Vault Savings

Investing your hard earn money in our savings VAULTs, it is a great way to make your money work smarter. Short term opportunities are available through out the year with fixed rate returns.

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Join the NHS Credit Union

Building your financial resilience is easy when you regularly save, at NHSCU it is simple and straightforward. From as little as £5 per month. Get started today building your future.

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Bereavement Protection

All accounts benefit from our Free Life Savings and Loan Protection Scheme*

Life Savings Protection is designed to reward your family for your commitment to saving and provide them with financial support when they most need it. Life Savings Protection is a free safeguard offered by NHS Credit Union as a benefit to its members. The credit union owns this policy on behalf of members. In the event of your death, it may provide your family with a single lump sum payment which can help them to cover funeral and other expenses.

The scheme is directly linked to savings, and every £1 in savings can be matched by £1 of benefit – up to a maximum of £5,000.

Members aged 16-64 can qualify for 100% of savings to be repaid as a benefit (maximum £5,000). Members aged 65-79 can qualify for 25% of savings to be repaid as a benefit (maximum £5,000).

*Terms and conditions apply. These are subject to change and are available on request.

Loan Protection

Savings Protection


Financial Compensation Scheme: Your eligible deposits with the NHS Credit Union are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme.

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