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NHS Partners

The NHS Credit Union currently have over 24,000 members and payroll partners across Scotland and the North of England. Our employer partners’ utilise the NHS Credit Unions salary deduction scheme, allowing employees to save monthly from their salary, increasing workforce financial resilience.

Want to become a payroll partner?

All NHS employers who operate in Scotland or the North of England can become payroll partners of the NHS Credit Union. It’s FREE. Setting up payroll deduction is an easy process. If your Health Board or Trust would like to offer staff the benefits of partnership, please contact us on 0141 445 0022 or email

Benefits of Partnership

The Money Advice Service found that over 22.8 million people across the UK have savings of less than £100 and no money to fall back on. People with little or no savings are more likely to take out a high interest loan or credit card and be vulnerable to predatory high cost lenders or illegal lenders. According to research by Fairquid, NHS staff borrow approximately 45 million pounds from payday lenders each year and pay back on average, 1.65 times the borrowing amount. Reports have shown that poor financial well-being can cause:

  • Higher stress and anxiety levels.
  • Lower staff productivity.
  • Poorer job performance.
  • Reduce ability to concentrate.

The NHS Credit Union is a FREE to use, and an important benefit for NHS employers who want to improve staff financial well being.


  • Supports staff to decrease money worries & increases productivity.
  • Encourages money literacy and a workforce savings culture.
  • Reduces the need for pay advances, with access to ethical lending options.
  • Including NHSCU in your well being strategy enhance and supports workforce financial resilience.

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