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Affordable Loans @ NHS Credit Union

Our personal loans – are available for just about any purpose,  a new car, home improvements, holidays or helping with festive expenses. We can also work with you to put your finances back on track with a debt consolidation loan.



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What you need to know

Personal Loans

The Loan you want – when you need it. Available for any purpose; new car, holiday, special occasion, or home improvements are just a few.

Debt Consolidation

The Loan that could save you hundreds of pounds in interest. Combine your debts into one easy to manage payment with NHS Credit Union.

Savings Secured Loan

The Loan you want – at a lower interest rate linked to your NHSCU savings. This option is available for any purpose such as a new car, holiday, special occasion, home improvements or borrowing during Festive holidays.

Budget Booster

Apply for the limit you require and utilise it as needed to boost your budget. Once approved, this account is easily accessible through your member app removing the need for a new loan application each time.

New Start Loan
New Start Loans are ideal for any member of NHS staff who has joined the NHS or NHS Credit Union in the last 12 months, including apprentices, final-year students who have their starting letter, and staff working bank shifts.

Borrow a fixed amount of £500, with a fixed APR of 12.7% this can be repaid over 12, 24 or 36 months.

Bereavement Protection

All accounts benefit from our Free Life Savings and Loan Protection Scheme*

Life Savings Protection is designed to reward your family for your commitment to saving, and provide them with financial support when they most need it. Life Savings Protection is a free safeguard offered by NHS Credit Union as a benefit to its members. The credit union owns this policy on behalf of members. In the event of your death, it may provide your family with a single lump sum payment which can help them to cover funeral and other expenses.

The scheme is directly linked to savings, and every £1 in savings can be matched by £1 of benefit – up to a maximum of £5,000.

Members aged 16-64 can qualify for 100% of savings to be repaid as a benefit (maximum £5,000). Members aged 65-79 can qualify for 25% of savings to be repaid as a benefit (maximum £5,000).

*Terms and conditions apply. These are subject to change and are available on request.

Loan Protection

Savings Protection


Financial Compensation Scheme: Your eligible deposits with the NHS Credit Union are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme.

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