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General FAQ’s


What is The NHS Credit Union?
The NHS Credit Union is a financial co-operative, owned by its members.  We were established to support the financial well being of  NHS Staff and their families.


What if I forget my password or number?

If you have forgotten your member number or password – simply go to either Member Area | NHS Credit Union Limited or your NHSCU mobile banking app.

Once in Member Area – click ‘Login Help’. From here you will be given instructions on how to get your member number and reset your password.

Through Mobile Banking App – click either ‘Forgotten Member Number’ or ‘Forgotten Password’. From here you will be given instructions on how to get your member number and reset your password.

If you do not have online access please either message us on our Nivo app or call the office on 0141 445 0022.


How do I update my email or mobile number?

Login to your members area and select ‘my profile’. Alternatively, login to your mobile banking app and select ‘My info’. If you have not registered for our online facilities you can HERE.  If you are unable to register for online banking please contact us to keep your details up to date.


How secure is the credit union website?

The Members Area utilises several layers of technology to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of its transactions.

Digital Certificates allow you to verify that your browser is communicating with our server and not another server posing as our server.

Member numbers, PINs , personal details that only you know, are also used to verify your identity. In order to provide a service on the internet, it is necessary for information to securely pass between your computer and our server.


Why is my payroll deduction not in my NHS CU account?

Your payroll deduction will be posted into your credit union account as soon as we receive this from your payroll office. We do not always receive the payments from payroll the same day that you are paid.  Please check your account via the NHS CU app or website.


How do I make a payment into my NHS CU account

If you would like to transfer additional ad hoc payments into your NHS Credit Union account, you can transfer to the following bank account –

Bank – Clear Bank

Account Number – 00 00 00 25

Sort Code – 04 05 88

Ref – Member number/surname

*Please note – Funds can take up to 48 working hours to show in your credit union account*


How do I change my details?

To change your address please click HERE

To change your name please click HERE

To change your bank details click HERE

To change your beneficiary click HERE


How do I leave feedback for NHS Credit Union

You can contact us over the phone or on our NIVO app to leave feedback on the service you receive. Alternatively you can leave feedback on our Trustpilot page.


Joining FAQ’s

Who can join the NHS Credit Union?

The Common Bond of the NHS Credit Union determines who can become a member of the organisation.

Membership of the NHS Credit Union is open to NHS employees in Scotland, North England (North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humberside) and those related or associated and living at the same address. It is also available to contractors working for the NHS in those areas, as well as children and young people who are associated with a member (they do not have to live at the same address).

More information can be found HERE. 

How do I Join?

You can join us by completing an application using our secure messaging Nivo app – this is the quickest method of joining as it will allow you to take screenshots of relevant paperwork. Find out more HERE.

Alternatively, you can join us using our online application HERE.


Can I remain a member if I retire or leave the NHS?

Yes – our Common Bond allows those who retire from or leave the service to continue in membership. Membership of the credit union is for life.

Members are required to inform our team of changes to amend their deductions from Payroll to Direct Debit.

Savings – FAQ’s

What Savings accounts are available?

Regular Savings Account: Your Regular Savings Account is your main credit union account. This is where you must always maintain £5 in savings to keep your credit union account open. To open click HERE

Instant Access Account: This is an easy access savings account, with all savings available to withdraw on your member app. You can request that a proportion of your savings is deposited into this account. To open click HERE

Children & Young Person Account: Our Children & Young Person accounts let you save money for a child or young person (up to 16years). To open click HERE

Festive Savings: An easy, safe and reliable way to save for annual holidays. Choose to have your savings locked away. They are available to withdraw from October to February, but withdrawals out with these times incur a small charge of £5 for transactions. To open click HERE

Vault Savings: NHSCU offer Vault savings opportunities throughout the year to our members. The Vaults offer an enhanced return on members savings as a reward for locking their money away for short periods. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Vault launch. Find out more HERE

Can I deposit a lump sum?

Yes you can deposit a lump sum. Message us on Nivo or phone the office on 0141 445 0022 and we will take you through the process.

What is a lump sum?

A lump sum is a deposit into the credit union.

How can I withdraw my savings?

You can withdraw your savings by either logging onto your online account or through your member app. Simply press the ‘withdraw’ button. Select your nominated account and send your money.

You can  make withdrawals up to the value of £300 on the NHS CU banking app between 08:00 on Monday’s and 17:00 on Fridays. For withdrawals over this value please call the office on 0141 445 0022 during working hours.


How do I pay into the credit union?

You can pay into your credit union either using our Payroll Deduction Scheme or Direct Debit.


How can I change my Payroll Deduction amount?

To change this please either contact us by phone or by messaging us on Nivo HERE.


How can I change my Direct Debit amount?
To change this please either contact us by phone or by messaging us on Nivo HERE. 


Borrowing – FAQ’s

How much can I borrow?

Once you have started saving, you can apply to borrow between £500 and £25,000. T&Cs apply

When can I apply for a loan with the the credit union?

To be eligible to apply for a loan, new members must have their first deposit at in their account completed.

What is the difference between Shares Pledged and Pledged Shares?

Following feedback from members, we have improved the terminology being used to make this clearer.

Shares Pledged has been renamed Savings Held and refers to the Savings balance held for a Savings Secured Loan. These fund are not available to withdraw until the Loan is repaid.

Pledged Shares has been renamed Loan Repayment, and relates to the funds temporarily held in your account pending a repayment to your loan. These funds cannot be withdrawn.

Who can witness a loan agreement?

Any adult over the age of 18 – including, but not necessarily, a family member –  can sign to witness the agreement. The witness is NOT liable in any way for the loan.

Original documents or copies?

If we ask you to provide payslips, bank statements, or any other documentary evidence for a loan, you must supply us with copies as we can not return the documents. When you are making copies please ensure all information is legible and covers the dates required. Or this  could delay your application.

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