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Find out if you’re eligible to join the NHS Credit Union below:
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Who can join?

Under the terms of the NHS Credit Union Common Bond, membership is open to people living or working for or contracted by the NHS, anywhere in Scotland or the North West, North East, or Yorkshire and Humberside Regions of England.

NHS Credit Union common bond serves members who:

  • Work in NHS Scotland, North England, Yorkshire & Humberside Regions.
  • Are employed by the NHS or organisations contracted by the NHS.
  • Employed in the care or third sectors and contracted by the NHS.
  • Receive a pension from being employed from the categories above.
  • Live in the same household as a member of NHS Credit Union and you are 18 years or older.
  • Are a child or young person (up to 16 years) whom an NHS credit union member has opened a membership account for.
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Your Savings Options

Regular Savings Account

Your Regular Savings Account is opened automatically on  joining  with the credit union. Deposits to your account can be made easily through payroll deduction or direct debit whichever suits you best, members can save as little as £5 monthly to enjoy great benefits.

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Instant Access Savings

Members who like to save in pots. Can open an instant access savings account in addition to a regular savings account. They can also transfer money between accounts, and split deductions between Regular Savings and Instant Access accounts.

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Children & Young People

Children & young persons savings are managed by the adult member who opened their account. Deposits can be made through payroll deduction or direct debit. Once they reach 18years, the account can be transferred into an adult account with NHS Credit Union.

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Festive Savings

By opening an annual Festive Savings Account, members can plan for all their festive goodies and enjoy a debt-free time with family and friends.

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Vault Savings

Vault savings make your money work harder for you, NHSCU offer short term investment with fixed rates throughout the year.

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Start Saving Today

If you are saving for a purpose or just for a rainy day, getting start is so simple, by Payroll Deduction or Direct Debit.

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Protection for your money

Your eligible deposits with the NHS Credit Union are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits held above the limit are unlikely to be covered.

Please click here to read “A guide to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme” or visit

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