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About Your NHS Credit Union

We are here to help and care for the financial health and well being of members across our NHS common bond, from Shetland to Sheffield. Currently 24,000 strong and growing.

Become a member today and start enjoying our great benefits.

Your Credit Union Benefits

Savings Accounts

Saving with Your Credit Union could not be easier! Through payroll or by direct debit. The difference when you save with us, you are helping yourself and your helping colleagues, friends & family, while earning a good return on your money.

Your savings are protected up to the value of £85K, Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Borrowing from Your Credit Union

Our personal loans – are available for just about any purpose, from a new car, a holiday, a special event,  home improvements, or simply helping with Xmas or other annual celebrations! And our debt consolidation loan is guaranteed to help you get you finances back on track.

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Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour is a confidential service open to all members with a special focus. By using this service you can achieve bespoke confidentiality around who has knowledge about or access to your money. We will help you to take back control.

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Payroll Partners

The NHS Credit Union works with all NHS Scotland Health Boards, NHS England Trusts (North) and many associated organisations,  as payroll partners .

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Personal Loans

We are here to help members borrow affordably and fairly.

Whether it’s making dreams happen, or simply improving your finances.

Savings Accounts

All our members save with us & it could not be easier!

Remember by saving together, we help ourselves and each other.

 Savings help Your credit union offer affordable loans,  and also you get a good return on your money.

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