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06 March 2015

Exciting times ahead

YOUR NHS Credit Union is poised to transform the services it offers to members.

The NHS Credit Union is aiming to implement a new banking software system and adopt a collaborative operating model for products and services that will revolutionise the way members can access their accounts. The development is part of a massive Government-backed project which aims to expand credit union services across the country under a shared operating model.

News of the move was unveiled at our Annual General Meeting  in Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital.

Among the key service improvements the new software will offer members are:

Quicker account opening;

More accessible products and services;

Online presence dramatically improved;

Quicker lending decisions.

General Manager Robert Kelly described the development as: “The most significant initiative ever undertaken by the NHS Credit Union.”

He added: “This will transform the facilities we have available for our members – without detracting in any way from our basic philosophy. The shared operating model approach also typifies our commitment to collaborative working and co-operative principles.

“We want to be able to offer our members a wide range of financial services, but we are proud to be a financial co-operative, dedicated to health staff and their family members.

“While we are determined to embrace the future and take advantage of advances in technology, our ethos and value base will remain true as we go through 2015 and beyond.”

Apart from the transformation of services, other good news revealed by the Glasgow-based credit union last night was a surplus of more than £186,000 in the last financial year. Members will share in that success as they enjoy a dividend payment of 0.5% on the balance in every share account.

Members also heard how the organisation had enjoyed substantial growth in all key areas of the business in t 12 months to September 30, 2014.

Membership had grown by more than 1,100 to 11,145; loans issued to members in the period rose by £860,800 to £6.3million and total savings held on behalf of members was up  £1.62m to £13.4m. 

The AGM saw the appointment of four new directors, bringing the total back up to the agreed level of 13.

The new faces on the Credit Union board are Dr Mathis Heydtmann, Lindsay Calderwood, James Hobson and Tom Waterhouse.

While the new faces were welcomed, the Credit Union also paid a formal fond farewell to Robert Rae and Peter Ramsay. Robert was a founder member of the credit union and has played a huge part in its development over the years. While still a passionate supporter of the organisation, pressure of work means he has had to stand down as a director.

Peter Ramsay, until this year the credit union’s treasurer, also stood down as a director because of pressure of work. His contribution was praised by his successor Robert Hosie.

Bringing the meeting to a close, Credit Union Chairman Hugh Sweeney said these were “massively exciting times” for the organisation.

He added: “The credit union will continue to grow, evolve and innovate in the years ahead. It is a truly exciting journey and I wish to thank my fellow Board members and staff team for their continued dedication and hard work during the 2013-2014 financial year.

A digital copy of this year's annual report is now available for members to read online. Simply log into your account and head for the members' notices section.

Changing details ... let us know

It's a time of year when a great many members of the NHS Credit Union are looking to change the amount they save each month. Some want to put a bit more away - while some want to reduce their deductions.
It's also an ideal opportunity to make sure your personal details are up to date.
If you are in this position, then you need to contact the office and request a form to change your personal details - OR a form to change the amount you pay to the credit union.

There are three ways to request the appropriate form.
1. Phone us on 0141-445-0022 and talk directly to a member of staff.
2. If you are registered for our automatic telephone service, you can dial in at any time of the day or night and use that service to request the relevant form.
3. If you use our online service to manage your account, you can also request the form you need by logging in and completing a change of details/deductions request. Please ensure you request the correct form for your change in circumstances.

Please note that regardless of which way you choose to contact us, we have to post out a form for completion and signature.
Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

Save on your energy bills

Here’s some hot news from your NHS Credit Union. We’ve launched an innovative new partnership that could help cut your home heating bills – without breaking the family bank.

We have joined forces with Linked in Energy Services, one of the leading companies in this field, to ensure our members can receive independent, impartial advice on how to save money.

And at the same time, we have introduced a cut-price Home Energy Loan to give members access to funds for any home energy improvements identified under the scheme.

Need a new boiler … we can help.

Need home insulation … we can help.

Want to install solar panels and get free electricity … we can help.

Want energy efficient double glazed windows…we can help.

In short, our new home energy loan and partnership with Linked In Energy Services means our members can receive practical support to make their homes warmer and reduce their gas and electricity bills. 

Under the terms of our new partnership, credit union members will be able to engage Linked In to provide a personalised Home Energy Report. This report will clearly set out how members can access and install energy efficient products to bring down their monthly energy bills. 

And our home energy loan product, with a low-rate of just 8.8% APR, will help eligible members access funding for works identified in the report.

NHS Credit Union General Manager Robert Kelly said: “We are delighted to enter into an innovative partnership such as this. Energy bills are a major source of concern for many families, and anything that can help our members address such concerns has to be welcomed. “

Linked in Energy Services is a Government approved Green Deal Advisor Organisation.  A spokesman for the company said they were “delighted to progress this joint venture with the NHS Credit Union”.

He added:  “The home energy report contains all the information a householder needs to reduce energy bills both in the short and longer term. Our team of accredited Energy Assessors carry out individual energy assessments to identify what measures can be installed.

“Linked in Energy Services will also ensure that householders are made aware of any free or grant funded insulation where possible. We can be trusted to provide honest impartial advice which meets the needs of the individual householder.”

Any credit union member who wants to find out more about accessing the services offered by this partnership should log onto the Linked in Energy Services' website at - call the company on 0808-133-0134 - or contact them by email:

That was the year that was!

The curtain has just come down on the most successful 12 months in the 16-year history of the NHS Credit union.

During the last 12 months, we have seen the all-time loans total burst through the £50million barrier; celebrated the busiest single month in our history in May when loans issued exceeded £730,000 for the first time ever - and seen members’ savings pass £13m.

Since January 2014, we have welcomed more than 1900 new members and issued almost 5600 loans, totalling more than £6.5million. The credit union now offers financial services to more than 11,500 health service staff across Scotland and the north of England.

Looking back over the year, General Manager Robert Kelly said: “It’s incredible how we have grown when you think that the organisation began its life operating from a nurse’s bedroom in the Southern General Hospital in 1998.

“We have just celebrated our 16th birthday, and in that time have issued more than 41,000 loans to our members, totalling more than £50.2million.

“And the loans keep on growing. Since the start of this financial year in October, members have received loans in excess of £1,865,000 – up around £130,000 on the same period last year.

“While we pride ourselves on that growth, we are equally proud of the fact that our lending ethos has never changed from Day One. We won’t issue a loan to a member unless he or she can afford the repayments.

“It was a good year for the business, and the credit union looks forward to continuing to serve our rapidly growing member base with the same dedication and values as we have done for the last 16 years.”

Tess can answer your query

There's been a lot going on in your credit union, with another significant development to our automated telephone system (TESS); news of one of our volunteer directors taking on another role - and a wake-up call to make sure members don't miss the boat when it comes to Christmas loans. The news about the telephone system is a big step forward for the NHS Credit Union. Now, simply by dialling into the service, members can check when their loan was received; they can check if all the paperwork is in order, or whether they need to do anything more, and they can also check when the loan is likely to be approved. Almost 1300 members have already registered to talk to TESS and it couldn't be simpler to take advantage of the service.
If you are one of those members, you can now dial in anytime you want and select the appropriate option.
If you've not registered yet, it will only take a few minutes to join the growing band. Simply call the office during normal opening hours on 0141-445-0022 for a temporary pin and then you can talk to Tess to set up your service.
Once set up, you can find out that vital loan information, check your account balance - or submit a share withdrawal ... at any hour of the day or night.
For detailed information about the best ways to use the new system, click this LINK.

To find out more about how you can help Credit Union Director James Coyle help other people, click HERE

For more information about our Christmas loan deadlines, click on the News Headlines link at the side of this page.


Bank on James to help out

Credit Union director James Coyle already invests a great deal of time helping improve the financial health of NHS staff.
And now the nursing auxiliary is taking on another voluntary role – with the Greater Maryhill Foodbank.
Explaining the motivation for tackling this new challenge, James said: “The vast majority of people relying on foodbanks are working people, those who are ill, on low wages and zero-hour contracts, and I thought this could easily be me. I can’t build or even paint anything, but I can do voluntary work like this to help people.”
James has been seeking contributions from colleagues at the Southern General Hospital and beyond. He describes the response to date as “overwhelming and fantastic”, adding: “It‘s not just food that’s needed – there is also a demand for clothes, toys, toiletries and feminine hygiene products.”
*If you want to contribute any of the above items to the foodbank, you can email him at - You can also contact the foodbank direct at

*If you are a member of the NHS Credit Union and think you would like to join James and the rest of the volunteer directors, then find out more by contacting General Manager Robert Kelly. Email: or tel: 0141 445 0022.



Thousand members talk to Tess

Our new  automated telephone service (TESS) has just passed a memorable milestone with the 1000th member signing up.
The facility allows members to access a wide range of services through the telephone - 24 hours a day. For example, you can check your account balance or submit a share withdrawal ... at any hour of the day or night.
And it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. Simply call the office for a temporary pin and then you can talk to Tess to set up your service.
For  detailed information about the best ways to use the new system, click this LINK.
To request a temporary pin, call the office on 0141-445-0022.


Contact details correct?

Your NHS Credit Union is in the middle of a massive development programme which will improve the way we deliver services to our ever-increasing family of members.
For the project to achieve its goals, it is vital that the contact details of all our members are accurate and up to date ... and that's where you come in.
We are asking all our members to check that the information on their account is accurate, and as detailed as possible.
Have you moved home? Make sure we know your new address.
Have you changed your name after getting married? Make sure you have informed us of the change.
Have you changed your bank or your beneficiary? Make sure you have told us the new details.
We are keen to keep all our members involved as we take this next step forward, but we can only do that if you help us by making sure you provide us with all the correct contact details.
If you need to change any information, click on this link and complete the request for a change of details form. We will then post you the form for completion and signing, along with details of any paperwork you need to provide us with to authenticate the change. It's imperative that you provide the required documentation.
As we move forward, we are hoping to use email to speed up the communication process with all our members. Can you please check if you have given us an email address, and if not, then please give us one if at all possible.

Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

Step-by-step guide to our new phone system

Hundreds of members have now registered for our new automated telephone system, giving them access to a wide range of Credit Union services at any hour of the day or night.

Members wanting a share withdrawal now need to submit their request either online or through the phone system. This speeds up the process and means the funds are in their accounts much quicker.

Detailed guides have now been completed to help you register for the telephone service, or get online.

To access the phone guide, click HERE

To access the online guides, click HERE

It’s an all-time record

Your NHS Credit Union now has more than 700,000 reasons to celebrate.

Figures just released reveal that loans issued by the organisation reached a staggering £737,316 in May - the first time in our 15-year history that loans have topped £700,000 in any month.

Total loans issued since we started out in 1998 are now approaching £47million, with almost £2.5m distributed to members in the first five months of this year alone. Savings and membership have also surged, with around 11,000 members having a total of more than £12m in savings.

The record-breaking loan total is just the latest success for your credit union, which has invested heavily in new technology since celebrating its 15th birthday.

Visits to our website have soared by more than 36% to 86,763 since it was relaunched in January. And hundreds of members have already registered for our new automated telephone service in its first few days of operation.

General Manager Robert Kelly described the latest success as a phenomenal achievement.

He added: More and more people are beginning to realise what a difference a credit union can make to their financial health. The growth in our loan book shows that thousands of NHS staff have benefited from our services - and we would hope to help many more in the years to come.

Hugh Sweeney, Chair of the credit union, was also delighted at the development - and the remarkable efforts put in by the credit union staff.

He said: The growth in business has meant a hugely increased workload for our staff, but they have shown great willingness to adapt to change. Our staff are a huge asset when dealing with members, and their efforts are genuinely appreciated.

The NHS Credit Union was launched in November 1998, and in its early stages operated from a nurse's bedroom in Glasgow's Southern General Hospital.

It now has its own offices, a growing staff of 10 ... and caters for health service workers and their families all over Scotland and the north of England.

Be aware of this scam

Scam website alert ...

Members of the NHS Credit Union should be aware of a scam website which has recently been established. Based in South Africa, it is offering loans - claiming to be from the NHS Credit Union. This organisation has nothing to do with the NHS Credit Union and should not be mistaken for such.

The scam address is NHS cred union.

We have informed the relevant authorities of the situation and requested that the scam website be taken off line. In the meantime, we are just making our members aware of the situation.

If any member of the NHS Credit Union has any concerns about this issue, they can get in touch with us through the Contact Us link on our website at or by telephoning the office on 0141-445-0022


Talk to TESS


The latest steps have just been taken to improve the services on offer to members of the NHS Credit Union. We have launched our new, automated telephone system (TESS) - and the great news is that this facility has now gone live.

Once you have contacted the office for the first time and set up your phone PIN, the system opens up access to a wide range of member services through the telephone - 24 hours a day.

Naturally, there will be teething problems with the launch of any such service, and we would like to thank you for your patience to date, and ask you to bear with us as we fine tune the system so that it best meets your requirements.

For  detailed information about the best ways to use the new system, click the link below

Cheque this out - please

YOUR NHS Credit Union would like to inform members of a change in service provision.

As of now, the cheque encashment facility is no longer be available at Linthouse Post Office.

The reason for the change is that the current shop will no longer be a sub Post Office.

Members should rest assured that the change should NOT mean any delay in them receiving funds as we now use Immediate Payments, which will pay the money into their bank account after 5pm on the day requested.

The quickest way for a member to get funds from now on is to submit a share withdrawal online before 2.30pm. Assuming there are sufficient funds in the account, the request will be processed and paid out that night.

We'd like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change at Linthouse Post Office.

Help us to help you

Recent policy changes at the NHS Credit Union have made it easier for members to apply for loans. These changes have proved very popular with members - and resulted in a huge increase in demand.
Unfortunately, with that increase in demand, there has been a corresponding increase in the time taken to process applications. As all loans are personally assessed to ensure they are suitable for the individual member, we are now taking the full five banking days to reach decisions.
The staff are doing everything in their power to reach decisions as quickly as practical - and this is where members can help us to help them.
We fully appreciate that members are anxious for news on their applications, but every time a member phones the office to inquire when they will get a decision, staff have to stop processing loans to answer that inquiry.
If members could allow us the five bank working days stated in the application form BEFORE phoning the office, we would be very grateful.
If you have not received any contact from us - and if the funds are not in your bank account after that time - then feel free to contact us to make sure we have received your paperwork.

Members should also bear in mind that many of their inquiries can now be answered online. Simply by registering through our website at, they can access a wide range of services ... with easy-to-follow help guides available should they encounter any difficulties. Again, this reduces the number of telephone calls coming into the office.
Your co-operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated ... and would allow us to provide you with a better service.

Golden days for NHS Credit Union

IT'S a golden time for your NHS Credit Union - as it joins in the celebrations to mark 50 years since the first credit union was formed in Britain. 
Although the NHS Credit Union only began life in November 1988, the movement has been around since April 1964, when the Wimbledon Credit Union was formed.
There are now around 400 credit unions across the UK, providing a range of financial services to more than one million members - and taking care of assets worth more than £1billion.
Credit union pioneers from across the country were honoured at the recent Annual Conference of the Association of British Credit Unions.  
The NHS Credit Union celebrated its 15th birthday in November. Since it began life in the nursing quarters of Glasgow's Southern General Hospital, it has grown to serve the financial needs of more than 10,600 health service personnel across Scotland and the North of England. It has issued loans totalling more than £45million - and looks after members' savings in excess of £12million.
It is also in the middle of a nationwide expansion project for Credit Unions, and is investing heavily in new online and telephone services for members.
General Manager Robert Kelly, who was recently promoted to the prestigious post of President of the Association of British Credit Unions, said: “We are proud to be part of a national and international movement which makes decisions for the best interests of its members, not external shareholders.
“While it is important that we grow and change to continue meeting the needs of our members, we shouldn’t forget the founders whose ambition and innovation helped us get to where we are today.  
 Our members will always undoubtedly “matter most” and that will remain our mission going forward. 

Read all about it

The last financial year was a landmark one for your NHS Credit Union - and you can now read some of the highlights online.

The annual report, which outlines some of the key achievements of last year, as well as targets for the year ahead, is available for members to read by clicking the link below.

ClickDownload annual report (731.6kb)

A selection of pictures from the meeting can be found HERE

Keeping you in the picture

Our new website is certainly proving popular with members - and we aim to keep it that way.
However, as with any major changes, there are always teething troubles. With that in mind, we are producing a series of guides to help our members adapt to the changes.
The first is now available through the Join Us section of the website and shows you how easy it is to register for online access.
Among the other new sections added since last month's launch are pages dedicated to what others are saying about the NHS Credit Union.
The Hitting the Headlines section can be found through the About Us link, and it's worth a wee look.
Another new development that you might like is a video, hosted on our Facebook page, guiding you through the process of joining the NHS Credit Union online. It's the first in a series of such guides - all designed to make life easier for members - and would-be members to join our financial family.
You can check out the video at the NHS Credit Union Facebook page

Robert leads curlers to victory


















  Credit Union director Robert Hosie showed he was a dab hand with a broom when he led a team of curlers to success in the annual NHS Bonspiel.
The event took place at Kinross, less than 24 hours after the GB mens’ curlers took Silver in the Winter Olympics at Sochi.
The winning Greater Glasgow & Clyde team was made up of Steve Russell (skip), Neil Murray, Marjorie McCulloch and lead Robert Hosie.They won both their games, beating Fife 16-6, and Tayside 19-0.
Robert (second from left) is pictured with the rest of the victorious rink after an enjoyable day ... even if some of the curling was not quite up to Socchi standards!

Beware of Spam

We would like to advise members to be wary of an email which is being sent to a host of email addresses in the UK.

It offers loans in South African Rand and purports to come from the  NHS Finance Credit Union.

We are not aware of any organisation known as the   NHS Finance Credit Union.- and if such an organisation does exist, it has absolutely NO connections with the NHS Credit Union.

Your NHS Credit Union would like to urge all members to be careful if you receive communications from the
  NHS Finance Credit Union  and if you are in any doubt, do NOT click on any links or respond to the email.

Your NHS Credit Union will be sending out newsletters to members and other communication updates in relation to our annual general meeting. This correspondence will be identified as coming from the NHS Credit Union, and will have gone through our website security system.

If you have any worries about this issue you can call our office on 0141-445-0022.

Start spreading the news ...

Your NHS Credit union has been hitting the headlines again. Find out why by reading this article in the latest staff newsletter


Make a date

Here's a date for your diary ... Thursday, January 30. That's when the annual general meeting of the NHS Credit Union will be held ... but it won't be like any previous AGM. We're not giving away too much at this stage, but the evening will feature a celebration of our 15th birthday. Watch this space.

Another big step forward

Your NHS Credit Union has just achieved another significant milestone in its development.
We have become the first credit union to be granted Version 2 status since the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority took over the regulation of credit unions.
The move greatly increases the flexibility we have in the product range we can offer - including larger loans over a longer period of time.
Version 2 credit unions also enjoy more flexible borrowing and investment rules, and very few credit unions in the UK have achieved this status.
We'll keep you posted on new services and other developments as and when they are unveiled, but it promises to be an exciting year ahead as the NHS Credit Union fulfils its pledge to extend the ways we can offer members of our family a financial helping hand.
The NHS Credit Union was formed in Glasgow in 1998, and as we prepare to celebrate our 15th birthday, we have seen membership grow to almost 10,000 people, saving just under £12million between them.  The credit union has lent more than £42m since it started. 

Fight stepped up on payday loan misery


Two of the biggest public bodies in Scotland have joined the fight against payday lenders preying on vulnerable families.

And both are also taking positive steps to persuade employees of the benefits of credit union membership.

As was widely reported in a number of newspapers such as the Herald (right) NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has now joined Glasgow City Council in blocking access to payday loan websites from office computers.

The bans come in the wake of a shock council report revealing how up to 100,000 people in Glasgow are borrowing £57m a year from payday loan companies, pawnbrokers and other non-standard lenders.

City Council Treasurer Paul Rooney said: There has been some important work done at a national level, but this is the most significant research anyone has done on the extent and the impact of payday lending in one community.

I think we all suspected that the use of these loans would be relatively high in Glasgow, but the figures are startling.”

The council found its evidence suggested many of those struggling with payday loans would have been better served by a credit union.

The health board is the west of Scotland’s largest employer with more than 38,000 staff.

Its action on payday websites is part of a determined drive in partnership with the NHS Credit Union to promote responsible lending and saving to staff and patients.

Dedicated financial advice and support is now available to all staff. This includes encouraging them and their families to become members of the NHS Credit Union which the board says is “one of the most trusted and secure ways to save and receive loans with no hidden penalties - unlike many doorstep or payday loans companies”.

Dr Noreen Shield’s, NHSGGC Corporate Inequalities Officer, added: “We know that financial worries, debt and poverty are affecting almost every aspect of people’s lives, having a damaging impact on their work and home lives, family relationships and health.”

Robert Kelly, General Manager of the NHS Credit Union, said: “It is excellent to see such a large public sector organisation taking a lead in this field and I am very hopeful that the private sector will now follow suit.

“As one of Scotland's fastest-growing financial institutions we don’t just offer our services to NHS staff but also to their families as well. Through our long standing partnership with NHSGGC we are very keen to attract young members and are determined to create a whole new culture of learning how to handle finances responsibly and ethically.”

To find out more about the new drive to encourage sensible borrowing, log on to any of these sites:

Evening Times

Glasgow City Council




Read all about it

It's been a busy period for staff at your NHS Credit Union, with loans hitting new heights and more members joining our financial family. See what one newspaper made of the success story at the link below.

We aim to please

Staff at the NHS Credit Union go out of their way to help members - and the service is appreciated -  as this email from member Marilyn King confirms.
Marilyn wrote: Would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help 
Really appreciate all the help and assistance and common sense approach I received.  I have experience in banking myself, so I know what it can be like at times and there is no-one more demanding than the public. 
Please keep up the good work.
Thanks Mariliyn, we do aim to please.

NHS Credit Union Limited Tel: 0141 445 0022 Fax: 0141 440 2294 Email: Web:
NHS (Scotland & North England) Credit Union Ltd is Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. ‘NHS Credit Union Ltd’ is a registered trading name of NHS (Scotland & North England) Credit Union Ltd.