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17 April 2014

Holiday weekend

Your NHS Credit Union offices will be closed over the Easter weekend. The offices will shut at 5pm on Thursday, April 17 and re-open at 9am on Tuesday, April 22.


Keeping you in the picture

Our new website is certainly proving popular with members - and we aim to keep it that way.
However, as with any major changes, there are always teething troubles. With that in mind, we are producing a series of guides to help our members adapt to the changes.
The first is now available through the Join Us section of the website and shows you how easy it is to register for online access.
Among the other new sections added since last month's launch are pages dedicated to what others are saying about the NHS Credit Union.
The Hitting the Headlines section can be found through the About Us link, and it's worth a wee look.
Another new development that you might like is a video, hosted on our Facebook page, guiding you through the process of joining the NHS Credit Union online. It's the first in a series of such guides - all designed to make life easier for members - and would-be members to join our financial family.
You can check out the video at the NHS Credit Union Facebook page

Robert leads curlers to victory


  Credit Union director Robert Hosie showed he was a dab hand with a broom when he led a team of curlers to success in the annual NHS Bonspiel.
The event took place at Kinross, less than 24 hours after the GB mens’ curlers took Silver in the Winter Olympics at Sochi.
The winning Greater Glasgow & Clyde team was made up of Steve Russell (skip), Neil Murray, Marjorie McCulloch and lead Robert Hosie.They won both their games, beating Fife 16-6, and Tayside 19-0.
Robert (second from left) is pictured with the rest of the victorious rink after an enjoyable day ... even if some of the curling was not quite up to Socchi standards!

Beware of Spam

We would like to advise members to be wary of an email which is being sent to a host of email addresses in the UK.

It offers loans in South African Rand and purports to come from the  NHS Finance Credit Union.

We are not aware of any organisation known as the   NHS Finance Credit Union.- and if such an organisation does exist, it has absolutely NO connections with the NHS Credit Union.

Your NHS Credit Union would like to urge all members to be careful if you receive communications from the
  NHS Finance Credit Union  and if you are in any doubt, do NOT click on any links or respond to the email.

Your NHS Credit Union will be sending out newsletters to members and other communication updates in relation to our annual general meeting. This correspondence will be identified as coming from the NHS Credit Union, and will have gone through our website security system.

If you have any worries about this issue you can call our office on 0141-445-0022.

Start spreading the news ...

Your NHS Credit union has been hitting the headlines again. Find out why by reading this article in the latest staff newsletter


Make a date

Here's a date for your diary ... Thursday, January 30. That's when the annual general meeting of the NHS Credit Union will be held ... but it won't be like any previous AGM. We're not giving away too much at this stage, but the evening will feature a celebration of our 15th birthday. Watch this space.

Another big step forward

Your NHS Credit Union has just achieved another significant milestone in its development.
We have become the first credit union to be granted Version 2 status since the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority took over the regulation of credit unions.
The move greatly increases the flexibility we have in the product range we can offer - including larger loans over a longer period of time.
Version 2 credit unions also enjoy more flexible borrowing and investment rules, and very few credit unions in the UK have achieved this status.
We'll keep you posted on new services and other developments as and when they are unveiled, but it promises to be an exciting year ahead as the NHS Credit Union fulfils its pledge to extend the ways we can offer members of our family a financial helping hand.
The NHS Credit Union was formed in Glasgow in 1998, and as we prepare to celebrate our 15th birthday, we have seen membership grow to almost 10,000 people, saving just under £12million between them.  The credit union has lent more than £42m since it started. 

Fight stepped up on payday loan misery


Two of the biggest public bodies in Scotland have joined the fight against payday lenders preying on vulnerable families.

And both are also taking positive steps to persuade employees of the benefits of credit union membership.

As was widely reported in a number of newspapers such as the Herald (right) NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has now joined Glasgow City Council in blocking access to payday loan websites from office computers.

The bans come in the wake of a shock council report revealing how up to 100,000 people in Glasgow are borrowing £57m a year from payday loan companies, pawnbrokers and other non-standard lenders.

City Council Treasurer Paul Rooney said: There has been some important work done at a national level, but this is the most significant research anyone has done on the extent and the impact of payday lending in one community.

I think we all suspected that the use of these loans would be relatively high in Glasgow, but the figures are startling.”

The council found its evidence suggested many of those struggling with payday loans would have been better served by a credit union.

The health board is the west of Scotland’s largest employer with more than 38,000 staff.

Its action on payday websites is part of a determined drive in partnership with the NHS Credit Union to promote responsible lending and saving to staff and patients.

Dedicated financial advice and support is now available to all staff. This includes encouraging them and their families to become members of the NHS Credit Union which the board says is “one of the most trusted and secure ways to save and receive loans with no hidden penalties - unlike many doorstep or payday loans companies”.

Dr Noreen Shield’s, NHSGGC Corporate Inequalities Officer, added: “We know that financial worries, debt and poverty are affecting almost every aspect of people’s lives, having a damaging impact on their work and home lives, family relationships and health.”

Robert Kelly, General Manager of the NHS Credit Union, said: “It is excellent to see such a large public sector organisation taking a lead in this field and I am very hopeful that the private sector will now follow suit.

“As one of Scotland's fastest-growing financial institutions we don’t just offer our services to NHS staff but also to their families as well. Through our long standing partnership with NHSGGC we are very keen to attract young members and are determined to create a whole new culture of learning how to handle finances responsibly and ethically.”

To find out more about the new drive to encourage sensible borrowing, log on to any of these sites:

Evening Times

Glasgow City Council




Read all about it

It's been a busy period for staff at your NHS Credit Union, with loans hitting new heights and more members joining our financial family. See what one newspaper made of the success story at the link below.

We aim to please

Staff at the NHS Credit Union go out of their way to help members - and the service is appreciated -  as this email from member Marilyn King confirms.
Marilyn wrote: Would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help 
Really appreciate all the help and assistance and common sense approach I received.  I have experience in banking myself, so I know what it can be like at times and there is no-one more demanding than the public. 
Please keep up the good work.
Thanks Mariliyn, we do aim to please.

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