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25 March 2017
We’re here to help

Problems logging in … we’re here to help

Our new website offers members access to a far wider range of online services, but the developments mean changes to the login process.
To help you through those changes, we''ve produced a series of guides which deal with some common issues.
The first thing to remember is that there are three distinct elements to the process - the membership number, the pin number and the security password.
The membership number is issued by the credit union. It would have been sent to you in your welcome letter and will never change.
The pin number and password would have been created by the individual member. You should always make sure you can remember these details as you will not be able to access the online services without them.
A key point to bear in mind is that the process has changed recently. If you registered for online access before the new website was launched, you would have created a four digit number. To increase online security, all pin numbers on the new website are now six digits. If you have an old four digit number, you will be prompted to change it the first time you log in to the member area of the new site.
The three most common issues for members trying to access online services are an incorrect member number, an incorrect pin, or an incorrect password.
If you can''t remember your MEMBER number, you should try to check your welcome letter, or account statement, or any other official correspondence from the credit union. If you can''t find any of these documents, you will have to telephone the office and explain the position.

If you can''t remember your Pin number or password, you can get a temporary replacement at the website.


For a step-by-step guide to registering for online access for the first time, click ClickHERE

For a step-by-step guide to solving common problems associated with logging on, click ClickHERE

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