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28 March 2017
Hitting the headlines

A record year for your credit union

We think the NHS Credit Union is a special organisation, but you don't have to take our word for it. This section of our new website will feature stories and features from publications and members highlighting the services we offer.

The stories will grow over time, but this link will take you to an article in the Evening Times about our busiest ever loan month.

Below is an article following our 15th birthday celebrations at a Special Annual General Meeting in Glasgow. The event caught the eye of various publications, including this edition of the staff newsletter from the State Hospital at Carstairs.


What they're saying about us on the web 

The debate about the value of credit unions has been taken up by a host of websites.

Here are a couple of links to sites that have featured the NHS Credit Union somewhere along the way.

What the Third Sector has to say.

What the Scottish Government has to say


What our members think of us 

One of the great things about working in the credit union is being able to help people when they need a wee hand. And the staff always like to hear from members about the service we offer.

This lovely wee card was received by one of our loan officers ... and like our Pat, we all hope Janice had a great holiday.

Join the Social Media Debate 

If you are a member and you want to let us know how we have helped, why not join our Twitter or Facebook communities? It''s a fun way to keep in touch and see what''s going on with the staff and members of your credit union. Find out more about our social media side by clicking HERE



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